With an eye toward global influences, Ancho Honey serves an ever-changing variety of quick, heat-at-home comfort food and to-go specials from the test kitchen of this converted country house, in owner Malcolm Bedell’s hometown of Tenants Harbor.


What’s Available this Week at Ancho Honey?


Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches
(always available, cooked to order)

The Classic…$5.95
American cheese + cheddar cheese

The O.D.B….$6.95
American cheese + house pickled jalapeños + caramelized onions + smashed potato chips

The Brie and Blue…$6.95
Warm brie cheese + bacon + blueberry preserves

The Chorizo y Papas…$6.95
American cheese + crumbled Mexican chorizo + crunchy potato sticks + pickled red onions

The Truffle Shuffle…$6.95
Havarti cheese + fresh arugula + white truffle oil

All grilled cheese sandwiches served on griddled Sourdough. Add bacon to any sandwich for $1.50 more.


special Meals to Go (Week of 08/19)
(Selection Changes Weekly)

New Mexican Carne Adovada…12.95
Smoky braised pork + ancho and guajillo chiles + onions + quest fresco + steamed white rice + corn tortillas

Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic…12.95
Pan-seared chicken thigh + white wine + all of the garlic + mashed potatoes + steamed green beans

Baked Potato Potato Salad (Salad)…$5.95/lb
Skin-on potatoes + sour cream + green onions + crumbled bacon

Capt. Mac’s Clam Dip…$5.95/lb
Nobody sells clam dip anymore. So we decided to. Comes with a complimentary bag of Humpty Dumpty potato chips, so you can eat some on the way home.

This Week’s Soup Selection
(Served hot or to-go)

Creamy Tomato Bisque…$4.95
Corn Chowder…$4.95

All to-go case meals are portioned for two people and contain approximately 1.75 pounds of food.

Dinner specials every Friday night from 4-7pm. Check Facebook for this week’s special selection.

What, this guy again?
— Chef Tom Sigler, Comida


6 Wallston Road
Tenants Harbor, ME 04860


(207) 372-2111


Open Thursday-Sunday, 11am-7pm
Dinner specials every Friday 4-7pm

Check our Facebook page for current and upcoming events and specials.